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Travel to Cuba 2019: Visa, Budget, Food, Activities

Travel to Cuba 2019: Visa, Budget, Food, Activities

Tips for visiting Cuba!

How to get there with an American passport?

Cruise, Special Category Visa, or Fly in From Another Country (Like Mexico or Canada). I went under one of the twelve categories. If you meet the requirements and abide by the rules once there you should not have any problems! Do Not Freak Out! I did a lot of research and was very nervous. Everything went smoothly. Tips for going under a special visa:

- Highly recommend keeping all your receipts. This will help you prove you followed the guidelines of your visa. For example: I went under “Support For the Cuban People” I kept receipts of the local restaurants I ate at.

- Know ahead of time where you are buying your Visa. YES you need to buy a tourist visa. When filling out the visa the form will ask which visa you are traveling under. You can purchase one ahead of time online or at the gate of most airlines.

- Do not panic. My personal opinion is that this extra step is to scare people Americans away from going to Cuba. And guess what..,. it works.

*Also I have also heard that many times they will not stamp your passport but only your ticket so you will not get questioned when returning to the states.

Where to stay?

Casa Particulars, these are homes of locals. They can be found online, through the Airbnb App, or just by simply walking around once there and asking.

What to eat?

1. If your host offers breakfast, take it! Usually they will charge 5CUC’s per day per person. The food is usually fresh and very convenient.

2. Try to eat like a local. The best food I had there was at the more low-key spots.

What to do?

1. Take Salsa classes.

2. Travel to others places in Cuba besides Havana. Havana was actually my least favorite place we visited! It was not bad, I just enjoyed Vinales and Veradero much more.

3. Actually try to spend time with some locals. Kindness is rampant in Cuba.

Things I wish I would have known/done before.

1. To be prepared for the difference in tastes of the bottled water.

2. I didn’t need heals for a night out.

3. Cuba is safe.

4. To bring extra money for art.

Comment questions or advice!

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