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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Go to Guatemala

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Go to Guatemala

When I started planning my trip to Guatemala, I received so many side eyes and confused faces in response to telling people. Guatemala as a travel destination is highly forgotten about. Here are some reasons I highly suggest going to Guatemala.

Cheap Flight

I spent under $200 for round trip tickets. Let me repeat that, $200. If you are leaving from a number of places in the US, tickets can easily remain under $300, making prices almost too good not to go. If you are a budget traveler and can manage to bring only a carry-on I suggest checking out Spirit Airlines.

Easy Spanish

The Spanish spoken in Guatemala is known for being quite easy to understand. I know a handful of phrases in Spanish and I am by no means fluent. I found Guatemalan Spanish to be extremely comprehensible. Guatemalans are very kind and relaxed people who naturally speak much slower and have more patience, making it easy to communicate.

Affordable Eating & Drinking Out

One of my favorite things about Guatemala was the ease of eating and drinking out. The prices were low for very high quality food. Most of our meals ranged from $3-$7 (gratuity included). Most bars offered a drink specials at discounted prices. It was super easy to budget travel in Guatemala because I never felt like I was missing out on food or drinks experience because of my budget.

The Lake

Lake Atitlan by itself is a good enough reason to go to Guatemala. The lake is breathe taking and the towns surrounding it create an opportunity for amazing adventures, photos, and memories.


Guatemala gets a bad rep when it comes to safety because of its current political climate and crime rates. However, after doing my research, talking to people who had been, and actually going myself; I would say that I felt very safe in Guatemala.

Tips for Safety: 1. Speak with locals , ask them if they think taking a chicken bus is a good idea, ask them which parts of town you should stay away from. 2. Don’t go alone. 3. Know which Zones in Guatemala City you should be in and which you should not. 4. Be humble when it comes to dressing , try not to flash your brand new phone, or wear jewelry.

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