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Attractive Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Attractive Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

It’s Hard to Travel as a Student

Being a student means your number one priority, all year round, is school. It is hard to save money for a trip to Europe when you need to be studying for your finals instead of working. School is a major expense by itself. When studying abroad you no longer have to choose between working/saving for a trip or focusing on school, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Sometimes its Cheaper than Studying at Your University

I attended one of the most expensive schools in my state. When looking at the tuition, food, housing and transportation costs, I ended up saving money by attending a university in another country. It was literally thousands of dollars cheaper to pack up my things and attend school abroad for a semester or two. Do your research, compare what you are already paying to what you could potentially be saving by attending another university. *Note: This will largely depend on the location of the school you are interested.

Financial Aid

In school, I received the bare minimum in grants and scholarships. Studying abroad saved me money because I was offered scholarships I would not have otherwise been offered. Also, depending on the location and university attractiveness, some locations are under represented and offer more scholarships than others.

Secondly, you are probably taking out loans anyway. If you are already using financial aid in this way, do not be afraid to study abroad out of fear of loans. Just do you research and make sure what you already take out will not be exceeded.

The Experience is Priceless.

When looking for a job after school, you can stand out that much more with your international experience. Not only does it tell employers you take risks but also you were able to adapt to a new environment while maintaining your studies. Some schools also offer internship programs which is another great opportunity to show your skill set in a foreign environment.

You Can Travel While Abroad

Traveling as a student is so hard, so many students take advantage of their time abroad by traveling to other places. Tickets may be cheaper and travel may be more convenient from the new city your in. For example, it is super common for students studying in Singapore to travel to other countries on the weekends because of the low cost and accessibility. Do not think of studying abroad as just experiencing one country, think more broadly about surround cities and countries you could potentially visit.

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