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Location: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Where You Study Abroad

Location: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Where You Study Abroad

Your Budget

I based my study abroad location largely on my budget and the scholarships I could potentially get. I remained flexible, and if you are on a type budget I suggest you do also. Some countries are going to be more affordable than others. For example: if you want to studying in Europe, studying in London can be quite expensive, it may be cheaper to study in Portugal instead. Consider how much money you are willing to spend and which countries/schools have better scholarship opportunities.

Current Events in That Country

Consider the political, economic, and ethnic/racial climate when choosing a location. Often times your school will provide their opinion on the safety and expectations from the country they have listed, however I encourage you to do your own research. I encourage you to look at a few thing:

  1. Racial/Ethnic Relations (everyone should be aware of this, even if you are not a person of color.)

  2. Your countries relationship to your destination School

  3. Economy of destination

  4. Safety

Why You Are Studying Abroad?

Are you trying to immerse yourself in a total different culture? Are you a business major hoping to get experience with China’s business system? Are wanting to walk on the beach before classes? Knowing what your intentions are is highly important when choosing the right country. What do you want out of your experience? What are you hoping to gain? Choose accordingly


You should consider the language of the country you are planning to study in. Is it a language you already speak, are hoping to learn, or have never heard of at all? Do not assume people will speak your language? Language barriers are tough to cope with, especially if this is your first time out the country. Also note, just because one part of a country speak one language does not mean other parts speak the same language. This brings me to my next point, location.

Location Within the Country

Research the specific location of your school of choice. Do not assume you know what to expect by knowing a little about the country as a whole. There is a huge difference between traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Morretes , Brazil. Know the differences, you do not want to realize your staying in a rural countryside right as your plane lands.

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