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Getting the Most Out of Your Souvenirs

Getting the Most Out of Your Souvenirs

What you should skip, what is worth buying, and where to buy.

Stay Away From the Airport

I never buy souvenirs from the airport unless I am desperate or looking for something I did not find in the destination itself. Overall, buying from the airport is a bad idea. The items at the airport are usually overpriced. The airport companies know you are out of options, so they mark up the prices significantly.

Wait Til the End of Your Trip

I always wait til the last few days to start buying items for a few reasons. First, I hate having to drag around items that I will not need during the trip itself. This is a waste of space in my bags and provides another opportunity to lose things. Second, I have found that you will often see the same souvenirs at different places and you can usually find them for cheaper somewhere else. Do not jump on the first thing you see.

Try to Buy From Locals and Not Large Companies

Items from big companies are often times mass produced and do not represent an authentic experience from your trip. When traveling I want to buy souvenirs from locals, by doing this you are supporting the local economy and you have a higher chance of taking home something unforgettable.

Try to Find Something Unique

Beware of vendors trying to sell you what they “think” you want. Often, touristy areas change products to fit the expectations of the visitors. This can result in cheap, inauthentic items that do not represent the actual culture. Be smart, notice what items you are seeing over and over, steer clear.

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