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4 Wonderful Ways To Help You Save More Dollars In Guatemala.

4 Wonderful Ways To Help You Save More Dollars In Guatemala.


When booking my flight to Guatemala I considered three things. First, going in the off season. Overall costs tend to be less money during May to October. Second, fly into Guatemala City. Flights to Guatemala City were significantly cheaper than flying into Flores (Mundo Maya International Airport) . Third, check . Spirit Airlines was consistently offering direct flights around $100. If you can manage their strict bag policy (try carrying one bag), then I would suggest checking out their flights.


Hostel vs. Airbnb

Know where to book a hostel vs where to book Airbnb. When planning for our stay in Antigua I noticed the Airbnb’s were much more expensive then I typically budget for. They were also fewer to come by. Here is where we decided to book a hostel. We used Hostelworld and booked an affordable hostel in a convenient area. On the other hand we found there to be inexpensive Airbnb’s in Guatemala City (make sure to know which zones are best for tourist). Check both options and do your research on the city you will be in.

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Around Town

Always always ask for the price of your ride before getting in the taxi. Often times the drive will charge you more if you do not ask for the price ahead. Asking ahead will give you the opportunity to haggle and even shop around for a better price. Walking is always the free alternative. Most of the places you will visit in Guatemala are extremely walk-able.

From City to City

Buy once you are in the country. A lot of times companies online can charge up to double what you could pay buying the ticket there. Shop around for the best transportation. Compare prices, often time different transportation companies are within walking distance of each other. Do not settle for the first offer. Ask your hostel if they offer transportation.


Plan Ahead: Know where your going to eat before you head out. Sometimes out of desperation we end up at a restaurant with a okay-ish food and high prices because we get tired of walking around looking for a place to eat. Save yourself from spending extra money, eating bad food, and time by planning where your eating ahead of time.

Go to the market. There are markets in Guatemala City, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan (depending on which town you are in.) You can save money by getting some groceries instead of eating out every meal.Cook your own fresh food. This is also an great experience because often time you will be forced to substitute something not offered in that destination with something you are not accustomed to.

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