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4 Insanely Cheap Eats in New York

4 Insanely Cheap Eats in New York

Calibella Bakery & Piqueteadero

This is a tiny Colombian bakery in Queens. This bakery has Colombian coffee, fresh squeezed juices, and all types of Colombian sweet breads. The store is conveniently located a couple blocks from the subway making it an easy grab and go snack for the day.

Tips: Go early for the freshest sweets, try the large Cannoli and fruit juice.


Mamoun’s Falafel

On your way to the Friends Apartment , stop by NYU’s favorite Middle Eastern restaurant. This tiny hotspot has lines out the door most days. With fast paced service, low cost, and flavorful food the wait is worth it.

Tips: A great drunk-food stop, because they are open late and there are many comedy clubs and bars in the area. There is almost no seating so grab your food and head to the Washington Square Park (only a few blocks away).


Pommes Frites

Across the street from from Mamoun’s are fresh Belgian fries for about $6. This shop offers double cooked fries with an array of sauces, they even have Poutine. I loved these thick sobering fries, and can only imagine how much better they’d taste after a night of drinking.

Tips: The regular size was enough to share.


Mei Lai Wah Bakery

Your going to end up in Chinatown so make your way to this yummy little restaurant. They have fresh pork buns for well under $5. They also have variety of coffees and tea.

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