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How To Travel The World With Debt

How To Travel The World With Debt

If you die next year will you be happier you paid off your debt or traveled the world?

You can travel the world while paying off debt.

I highly suggest traveling while in debt or with bills. Do not wait to start living your life. Life is always going to give you road blocks, its your job to learn how to overcome those barriers. It is a great skill to have and what better way to practice than to travel with debt.

I am going to tell you how to keep track of your money & how to be able to afford a trip.. I am not a digital nomad, I have a job, I have debt, and I have bills, yet I still travel the world.

So… How Much Do You Owe?

If you don’t already do this, figure out exactly how much you spend, how much you make, and how much debt your actually in. For a long time I was unaware of how much money I had circulating. This made me think I had more money to travel than I actually did and less bills to pay off. I use the app Clarity, this allows me to categorize my spending so I know where my money is going.I suggest getting some type of system to help you visually see your finances.

Don’t Get More Debt

One of my favorite articles from Nomad Wallet states that one golden rules to traveling with debt is to not accumulate more debt by traveling. Do not use credit to book flights, accommodations, or activities. In order to travel responsibly you need to avoid digging an even bigger hole for yourself. My uncle always says if your using credit its not really yours, make sure your travels are owned by you.

Eliminate Bills & Pay Off Small Debt Fast

Get rid of your unnecessary bills. Do you really need both Apple Music and Spotify? Figure out where you can cut your bills. Secondly, pay off small debt quickly. Do not spend six months paying off a loan that’s around a $100. You will save money the quicker you pay off your debt because of interest, also that’s one less bill hanging over you.

Get A Side Gig That Is For Your Travel Expenses

Get an extra way to make money that is solely for the purpose of paying for your travel. Whatever money you make from this side hustle directly goes to your travel savings. This way whatever you make you use for travel, whatever you don’t make doesn’t hurt you. Check Cragslist under gigs, sign up for food delivery apps or ride sharing apps, figure out how to make money in your sleep. There is money to be made out there, go find it.

Spend Less to Travel

The less it costs you to travel, the less the less guilt you have about traveling with debt, because lets face it, there’s so much guilt to owing money. When traveling with debt you will have to sacrifice comfort for low cost. Go to the cheaper destination, take the longer flight, stay at a hostel.


Being in debt or having a lot of bills should not stop you from traveling. In 2019 there are a ton of ways to make extra money, create passive income, and budget. Learn how much debt your in or how much your bills are a month. Then, figure out how much you need to make a month in order to pay your bills, pay your debt, and save for a trip. Travel as cheaply as possible.

Question; Are you packing debt in your carry-on?

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