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Buyers Guide to Cheap Travel

Buyers Guide to Cheap Travel

When traveling cheaply there are a few items that essentially pay for themselves and help me save a ton of money. Here are a few of my favorites;

Packing Cubes

These rectangle shaped bags allow for you to pack what you need and take up less space so you do not have to pay for that extra carry-on. Packing cubes keep clothing and personal items organized while allowing you to take cheaper airlines that do not always include luggage.

Versatile Sandals

I get so annoyed when I bring extra shoes I do not end up wearing. This is why I bought multi-purpose shoes. I combine my need for shower shoes and my need for comfortable sandals into one. You can wear them in the shower and they are comfortable enough to walk around all day in. One pair and you’ll never have to worry about bringing too many shoes every time you travel.


A large, good quality, scarf has been one of my top space and money savers. I use a scarf for everything from a fashion accessory to a towel. Hands down one of my top recommendations. You can also wear it on the plane so it wont take up any extra space in your bags.

Water Bottle

Save money by bringing your own bottle to fill up as you go. You will be surprised how much a water bottle here and there adds up. I’ve even filled these bottles up with alcohol to save money on a night out drinking. I suggest something durable because if you are anything like me you will be dropping yours very often. Also one with a hook so I can clip it to my bag when I am low on space.

Food Storage Container

Do not throw away your extra food when traveling, save it and eat it for a snack or your next meal. So much money is wasted through having to buy snacks. I bring at least one container of tupperware so I can either pack a lunch or recycle a meal.

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