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How To Stop Being Afraid Of Going To Mexico City.

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Going To Mexico City.

Before I went to Mexico City I was repeatedly warned not to go. I heard everything from the food was dangerous to my physical well-being was in danger. Against all suggestions I went to Mexico City, alone, and I had a phenomenal time. Here is how you can get over your fear, get educated, and get going to one of the best cities in the world.


CDMX is the street food mecca of the world. Food is literally everywhere you turn in the city, you will never go hungry.

How to stop being afraid of the food; use the locals as your guide. First, I always began my travels by asking my Uber driver or accommodation host where & where not to eat. They live there so they have lots of insight on the food culture. I was told by locals to be careful of certain areas of town because certain places practiced specific hygiene routines whereas others did not. Second, I suggest travelers pay attention to where other people are eating. If you have a choice, choose food stalls where there is a line. This usually means people are familiar with the food and trust the vendor. Third, check for freshness and source of the water used. One of the biggest reasons people get sick while traveling is because their stomachs are not used to eating food left out all day and food that is cooked with the local water. Pay attention to the time of day you are eating and the water being used to cook. Overall, do not be afraid to eat street food in the city, just be sure to use precautions.


Mexico City is amazing because it can host any budget. The most money I spent on a meal in Mexico City was for around 100 pesos or less than $6 USD. The food is incredibly cheap, however you can find incredibly high end food as well. If you are a foodie Mexico City is one of the best locations in the world for you.

How to stop being afraid of money; my suggestion is to do you research on foods you'd like to try. This is because from the second you land you will be overwhelmed with food stalls and restaurants on every corner. Having a food bucket list will help you navigate what you want to eat. Pro tip: do not for get about panaderia or bakeries these are cheap ways to get snacks. Accommodations can be inexpensive also, my suggestion is that you thoroughly research the area where you will be staying. My first day in the city I ended up switching my accommodations because I did not feel safe in the neighborhood. I asked my Uber driver if my accommodation was in a safe area and he said no. There are numerous areas in Mexico City that are perfectly safe for traveler you just have to ask around and know where they are.



Not sure what to do ? Mexico City is the third largest city in the world meaning that there is something to do for everyone.

How to stop being afraid not knowing what to do; There is a museum everywhere you turn. There are numerous parks, ice cream shops, and markets. I suggest you do your research on the specific activities you enjoy and go from there. What kind of art do you like ? Do you like history, would you enjoy seeing a palace? Do not just stick to the top suggested activities on google, branch out. See a play, go to a concert,  take a class, join a local meetup. Get specific with what you want out of your trip because CDMX is not short on things to do.

Staying Safe

This topic is the largest reason people do not travel to Mexico City. I just go back from a solo trip to Mexico City so I have a few pointer.

How to stop being afraid of not being safe; First, I suggest you know yourself, know your habits and what could make you an easy target. Are you a seasoned traveler or a beginner? If your a beginner maybe a solo trip to the big city is not your safest option. Do you tend to wear expensive/flashy clothes? Try packing clothes that are more plain or staying in high end parts of town. Do you speak Spanish, how easily will you blend in? If you do not speak the language I suggest bringing a notebook full of phrases and not being super loud speaking your native tongue in large crowds. These are just a few things to consider. I suggest you plan your trip according to your specific needs. Second, I suggest really doing your research and speaking with the locals once you arrive. Talking to locals is the top way I stay safe when traveling. They usually know the popular ways people are in danger and they are going to be more up to date than most online articles. Third, trust your gut. My trip to Mexico City taught me to trust my instincts. If I was in an area that I got weird vibes from I left. If I was talking with someone and something did not feel right I made an exit plan and watch my back. Your body constantly on the look out for red flags so trust it, even if that means you come off rude.


Mexico City has gotten a bad reputation in the past. However, now is a better time then ever to travel to this large city. Ask around for safe food to eat, pay attention to whose eating where, and check for freshness every time you eat. CDMX has options for all budgets. When it comes to activities do not get overwhelmed. Mexico City has plenty of option, be specific with what you wan to do.. Stay safe by knowing yourself, doing your research, and trusting your gut. Overall, Mexico City was an amazing experience, just like with any big city there are precautions everyone should take.

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