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How Much I Actually Spent in Mexico City, Mexico . ($300 Travel Challenge)

How Much I Actually Spent in Mexico City, Mexico . ($300 Travel Challenge)

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Why I traveled to Mexico City by Myself

On August 3rd, 2019 I came home from feeling uninspired and bored. I spent the summer taking a break from traveling, because I wanted to be more financially responsible and prioritize paying off some debt. I was fed up because I had stopped doing what I loved to do, traveling and photography. I thought to myself “how can I take a trip, without taking a break from my new budget” the answer was travel cheaply. I decided that if I could find the cheapest ticket out the country to a destination known for low prices I would go. That’s how I decided to do this $300 travel challenge.

Obviously, I based my destination largely on the cost of traveling. However, I also chose my destination off of my mood and list of places I wanted to visit. I have been wanting to go to Mexico City for a few years now. I also knew that I was very exhausted overall and I was not gonna be able to handle the constant stimulation of a big for more than a few days. I chose to go to Cancun, but specifically a small fisher town call Puerto Morelos because I wanted a sleepy beach town that was quiet.

I made the decision to travel barely two weeks before I left. I want to travel often for the rest of my life and I knew at some point I was going to have to go it alone. Was I scared? Yes, a little. I was more nervous about not doing enough research than the reality of being in Mexico alone.

How I spent under $300.

Mexico is know for being cheap. The biggest thing that helped me spend so little was; acting like a local. The best food I ate in Mexico cost 5 pesos or 25 cents. You are going to have a hard time finding 5 pesos food in a high end restaurant in Playa del Carmen, so be mindful of you choices. I was open minded, easy going, and tried to do as the locals did. I tried to spend under $30 a day and I did for almost everyday. One of my biggest expenses happened on the first day when I decided to switch accommodations within the first hour of being in the country. This costed me an extra $30 and I still ended up being well under my budget. One way I saved money was taking collectivos. I could not suggest this more, all you need is a bit of patience and street smarts. The most I spent on this form of transportation was $2 to get from my Airbnb to the beach. This was by far my favorite way to get around Cancun. Be smart, do your research, and stay away from easy touristy options.


You CAN travel for extremely cheap. I never thought “OMG I’m missing out.” I had everything I needed and forgot about my budget most of the time. In total I spent $252.1 once I was actually in Mexico leaving me with $50 to spare. The goal of this article is not to have everyone who reads this travel with only $300. The goal is to show you there are ways to travel without needing a ton of money. Go see the world!

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Going To Mexico City.

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Going To Mexico City.