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How To Save Over $100 On Flights & Accommodations.

How To Save Over $100 On Flights & Accommodations.

How are you getting there and where are you staying once your there? Flights and accommodations are hands down the most expensive part of a travel. Here's how I save money when booking flights and accommodations.

 When You Book Matters

The earlier you book your accommodation the better. Airbnb's sometimes list a room for one price but the price will increase depending on the day you decide to book the room for. This is why I suggest you start paying for your accommodation earlier because the longer you wait the more people you are in competition with to book a room. On the other hand booking early is not always the best idea when it comes to flights. Being that flights fluctuate so often I suggest watching them before buying. There are some great tools such as email lists and price drop notifications that alert you when you should by. Booking a flight highly depends on where you are going and what time of year. So make sure you do your research to see if your destination is experiencing any social or political conflict, holidays, or natural disasters that would increase or decrease the flight prices.

Let go of convenience

That two am flight is probably cheaper than that two pm flight, take it. Often times we over spend because we want the quickest, fastest, comfiest option available. While this is not always a bad idea, budget travel is going to require that you give up some of those perks. My other favorite way to give up comfort with accommodations is to book a bed in hostel. Hostels allow me to make friends when traveling because you have to share everything, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges. You can save double and triple what you’d pay at a hotel just by booking a hostel. Book a flight with a long layover. Stay in a Airbnb that is not directly on the beach. Give up some privacy and stay on someone's couch. The opportunities to save money are endless.


Location Location Location

I briefly mentioned this earlier but location has a direct impact on travel costs. You can choose This doesn’t just mean the destination of your travels but the also the specific airport you fly into or the part of town you book your Airbnb. If you can look for a more residential part of town you will find cheaper places and you can have a more local experience by getting away from a touristy part of town.


You can save over $100 just by choosing the right time to book, choosing the less traveled options, and by picking the right location. Cheap travel is possible with planning . What’s the number one way you save money on flights and accommodations?

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